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Bathroom accessories

Colombo Design has wide range of modern and 2 series of classical bathroom accessories. Modern bathroom accessories in polished chrome, satin chrome, black and white can be found from Colombo BATHROOM catalog. Colombo has also two classical bathroom accessories series HERMITAGE and PORTOFINO in their range and also can be found from Colombo BATHROOM catalog.

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Some of modern Colombo bathroom accessories are also available with PVD treatment in graphite and vintage finishes. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment is a process of the highest technological level which allows to obtain a surface coating with exceptional aesthetic and technical characteristics through physical vapor deposition of a thin film of extraordinary hardness.

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Formani is a door- and window hardware producer who has been included also some bathroom accessories to their product range. ONE is a full collection of all kind of bathroom accessories: soap dispensers, towel holders etc in satin and polished stainless steel, black and white.

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Salice Paolo is the 1930th founded Italian company whose main activity is the door-, window-and furniture hardware production. They has also two classical bathroom accessories series CALLIOPE and ZEUS in their range.

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Salice Paolo BATHROOM



Etrusca is an Italian bathroom accessories producer whose product range includes classical and modern towel holders,  toilet paper holder, soap dispensers, hooks etc. Etrusca collections are aesthetically beautiful - all items are made with respect for the environment, by choosing recyclable packaging and material for a low environmental impact.

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New FIX system by Etrusca is able to glue bathroom accessories instead of need to drill holes. Below is the list of the series that can be glued.

You can also watch an installation video here!