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Colombo is an Italian door- and window hardware producer whose product range includes also cabinet knobs, cabinet handles, bathroom accessories and signs. Colombo offers modern and classical items which are available in 16 different finishes and are designed by well-known and esteemed designers (Jasper Morrison, Alberto Meda, Paolo Pininfarina etc.).

Topical news! To increase the safety of the environments we live or work in, Colombo offers special antibacterial coating - SAFE TOUCH. This special coating does not alter the finish. The tests, following the ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801:2000 certification standards, have been completed successfully. By applying a thermosetting lacquer with epoxy polyester resins with added silver ions, they obtained a reduction in the bacterial population of 99.9% after 24 hours. This antibacterial coating available on request for all products and on all finishes in their range. 

Colombo wide and rich product range can be found from different catalogues. Please see the following product catalogs here.

Modern door- and window hardware:
Colombo TOP15 handle models


Colombo MOOD UUS!


Classical door- and window hardware:


Colombo door handles are suitable for european (DIN) standard locks (also for Bonaiti magnetic locks).

Modern door handles are recommended to use with concealed hinges and Bonaiti magnetic locks. For a perfect result we suggest to use door handles, locks and hinges in same or similar finishing. 

Antologhia series door handles are recommended to combine with S.A.B. classical locks which are also available in wide range of different finishes.  

Cabinet knobs and handles:
Colombo FORMAE


Colombo product range includes also wide range of bathroom accessories and signs. Please see the product catalogs here:



Colombo SIGNS