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ABLOY Hinge N 3248-110 TMKSS2 adjust.plate PKI right

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Product code: ABL3248-110 TMKSS2 Fe/ZN(PKI).p.
Surface: lacquered zinc
Price (incl VAT): 6.23 €
Unit: piece

Raw material: steel

Suitable for public space doors.

Tested: 200.000 closing cycles.

Hinge is side and height adjustable +3 mm. 

Suitable for fire-stop doors. 

Hinge set also includes an adjustment plate.

Load capacity: 120 kg (4 hinges)

What is an adjusting plate and what are the advantages it gives to the hinge?

The adjusting plate is a plate behind one hinge leaf and it allows more effective adjustment of the hinge. The adjustment plate gives the hinge extra support and a wider adjustment range. This hinge is suitable for use on large and heavy doors, where long-term ease of use and adaptation of differences caused by swelling and drying of the timber are essential.

Documents: 2480_Abloy-hinges-3248-3548-certificate-ENG.pdf (266.69 KB)