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FritsJurgens® MPDS-S80 RVS 9016 Complete set System3 with accessories 9016

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Product code: PH S80-3 9016 RST
Surface: stainless steel
Price (incl VAT): 823.02 €
Unit: piece

System 3 reversal hinge system fits to large, heavy and high doors.

System 3 hinges are:

  • the hinges are not fixed to the side of the door, but up and down, forming an invisible vertical axis
  • the system is fully integrated into the door leaf
  • only small tiles go to the ceiling and floor
  • suitable for inner-door and front door
  • load capacity: up to 249 kg
  • attributes: rotating, closing, fixative, soft-closing
  • rotation angle: 360°

  • fixing points: 0º, 90º, 180º, 270º
  • the door moves 45º to the next fixing point
  • hinge can also be installed in pivoting floor-to-ceiling-height doors
  • min. door thickness: 40 mm (system thickness: 34 mm)

System 3 is made with the highest quality materials. It's also a maintenance free and with the highest corrosion resistance (standard EN 1154, class 4).

Testing has shown that System 3 will continiue working flawlessly even after 1 million cycles. 

For suitable System 3 look our type selector table here and follow steps: 

Step 1: determine A- rotation angle distance from the side of the door
Step 2: determine C- door width
Step 3: determine KG- weight of the door
Step 4: determine which system fits for your door

Documents: 8820_System3_milling_manual.pdf (902.08 KB) 6092_System3_mounting_manual.pdf (1.15 MB) 7558_System3_technical_informationpdf.pdf (6.39 MB)