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Doorsystem Xinnix X2-40-M...3500-1230

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Product code: XIN X2-40-M3500-1230
Price (incl VAT): 1133.00 €
Unit: set

The Xinnix concealed frame system is a concealed frame set that includes frame profiles, concealed hinges, magnetic lock, striker plate and fastening accessories of the required size. The set don't include door leaf and handles, these should be ordered separately!
Frame profiles are available in pre-treated white (primed) or black finish.

When ordering the product, the size of the door leaf and the construction door opening is important, according to which a suitable frame system is selected.
The selection includes standard sizes of frames (H1 and H2), floor-to-ceiling solution and special-sized frame systems for doors up to 3000 mm high.

System for non-standard doors is available for door leaf height max 3500 mm and width 1230 mm. You are always welcome to ask a solution for doors which are higher than 3000 mm and wider than 1230 mm. 

Doorleaf calculation formula: (height of construction hole - 35 mm) x (width of construction hole - 70 mm)

NB! These prices are approximate. The exact cost per frame system depends on the configuration and the ordered quantity.

Documents: 3434_Xinnix_catalogue_ENG-1.pdf (9.63 MB)