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Lock case with magnetic latch B-TWIN 341 WC/6 mm HME

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Product code: ULU341 WC Fe/HME
Surface: satin brass
Price (incl VAT): 17.83 €
Unit: piece

Raw material: steel

Lock case is suitable for european (E) fastened handles and WC-knobs.

Suitable for interior doors- both for rebated and non-rebated doors.

Suitable for left and right handed doors.

Can be locked with a wc-knob.
Spindle: 6 mm

Lock tongue: plastic

Front plate width: 18 mm

Back-set: 50 mm

Interax: 90 mm

Documents: 1894_Bonaiti-B-TWIN-assembling-instructions.pdf (707.20 KB) 7371_Bonaiti-B-TWIN-product-sheet.pdf (774.71 KB) 5823_Bonaiti-instruction-manual-ENG.pdf (126.28 KB) 4147_Bonaiti-instruction-manual-EST.pdf (121.99 KB) 7976_B-TWIN-recess-drawings.pdf (216.92 KB)

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