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Unique eye-catching RIVIO

A new unique collection RIVIO has been added to Formani's product range

Gensler, the global architecture, design and planning firm, served as product design consultant for the collection.

The range of the new RIVIO product line includes two handle models GL100-G and GL101-G including window-handles, pull-handles,  sliding door handle sets and cabinet-knobs.

Crafted of stainless steel, all RIVIO products come in four finishes: PVD satin black, bronze powder coat, PVD satin gold and satin stainless steel.

Door handles works only with European (DIN) standard locks (also with Bonaiti magnetic locks). We suggest to use handles with minimal concealed hinges and Bonaiti magnetic locks. 

More information is avaliable for following articles:

Ukselink RIVIO GL100-G

Ukselink RIVIO GL101-G