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Knurled handles have been added to our selection

Two manufacturers, two collections, a common understanding of beauty!

Knurled handles with a thousand facets - essentially practical and pleasantly decorative.  A special  surface is definitely something that attracts attention on a door, window or furniture - nice final touch to the interior.

Door handle GRIP works only with European (DIN) standard locks (also with Bonaiti magnetic locks and SAB decorative lock cases).

Multifunctional product series with 6 different items: door handle on rose, door handle on plate, window handle and pull handles in 3 different length.  All items are available in 4 finishes: polished chrome (CR), chrome/matt black (CE), matt black (VE) and matt bronze (NP). 

About GRIP in 3 finishes you can find more information here: 

GRIP polished chrome (CR)

GRIP matt black (VE)

GRIP matt bronze (NP)


Door handle LEXINGTON suitable only for scandinavian standard (SC) locks (Assa, Abloy etc).

You will find such products in the product serie: door handle on rose, furniture handles in 3 different length and furniture knobs with 2 different diameters.  All items are available in 5 finishes: polished chrome (CR), polished brass (ME), matt black (MU) and brushed bronze (BRO) and gold plated (OZ).

About LEXINGTON in 2 finishes you can find more information here: 

LEXINGTON matt black (MU)

LEXINGTON brushed bronze (BRO)

Please feel free to ask more information about suitable locks and hinges.