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Lock case 2260 BB/72/40/22 OCS + straight striker plate 357

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Product code: ULU2260/72/40 BB Fe/OCS
Surface: satin chrome
Price (incl VAT): 81.37 € 33.18 €
Unit: piece

Raw material: steel

Front plate raw material: brass

Lock case is suitable for euro (E) fastened handles and keyhole escutcheons.

Suitable for non-rebated internal doors.

Lock case can be locked with a simple key.

Suitable for left and right handed doors.

Lock tongue: brass

Front plate width: 22 mm

Backset: 40 mm

Interax: 72 mm

Lock case has a square front plate.

Set includes striker plate.

Product is also available with a rounded front plate.

Lock case can be ordered with 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 and 80 mm backset.

Lock case is also available with 72, 85 and 90 mm interax.

Documents: 2016_S.A.B_Finishings_ENG.pdf (4.35 MB) 3973_S.A.B_2200_series_lock_cases_ENG.pdf (1.85 MB)