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Magnetic device B-MAG ABS 82x22mm

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Product code: MS DM1 MU BON
Surface: black
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The B-MAG is a magnetic and contactless door closer which holds interior doors shut without the need for a door handle or latch. Because there are no moving parts, the door can be opened and closed completely noiseless.

B-MAG can be installed on any normal wooden door and frame and is also specially designed for easy installation in the invisidoor, the concealed aluminium frame for interior doors.
Because the door is quick and easy to open without the need for a door handle, this magnetic closure is particularly suitable for doors to walk-in closets or storerooms.

B-MAG can be described:

  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Door can be opened and closed noiselessly without a door handle or latch
  • Doors are quick and easy to open and close