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Salice Paolo

Salice Paolo is the 1930th founded Italian company whose main activity is the door-, window-and furniture hardware production.

Salice Paolo product-line is very various- you can find a suitable product to classic as well as modern interior. All the products is made by high-quality raw material which final finishing and production techniques ensure a beautiful appearance and performance in years.

Salice Paolo product range includes:
door handles | window handles | cremones | door knobs (fix or turnable) | door-pulls | sliding door handles | hinges | furniture handles and –decorations | racks


For the whole product range please see:
 Salice Paolo product line

For the whole available product finishings range please see:
 Salice Paolo finishings

Salice Paolo Dionisio and Galatea hinges are exclusive accessories which decorate every door.

We suggest to use Salice Paolo hinges with S.A.B locks. See more:
 S.A.B. decorative locks 

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