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Bonaiti magnetic lock

We are pleased to present you a new trend in the world of locks – the magnetic lock.
Thanks to a magnetic latch, shutting and opening a door is now quieter than it was ever before with traditional locks with zinc latches. In addition to its ease of use, the lock has gained popularity with its amiable appearance – the striking plate, as well as the lock itself is fully sunk into respective surfaces, thus eliminating any protrusive parts and making the lock system an integral fitting element in harmony with the door. 

Our partner is a well-known Italian company Bonaiti Serrature which has gained popularity with its magnetic locks in the whole Europe. During our almost three years of cooperation, magnetic locks have become increasingly popular also in Estonia and they have made way into hundreds of different interiors by now.

 Bonaiti catalogue
 Bonaiti B-Two magnetic lock Retail Price List and tehnical information


We suggest to use with magnetic locks the completely concealed hinges TECTUS (only for  unrebated doors).
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