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Olivari is a high quality door- and window hardware producer from Italy. They has been using the most advanced technology more than 100 years by now and has attained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. 

Olivari's product range includes:
door handles (on a round and/or angular rosette or plate) | window handles | 
door knobs (fix or turnable| handles | sliding door handles | flush pulls incl. lock systems | door stops | door knockers

For the whole product range please see:
 Olivari catalogue 2016
 Olivari catalogue (short version with news) 2018
 Olivari's webpage

Olivari door handles have obtained the certification EN 1634/2, surpassing the 60 minutes (see attached certificate, which has European validity). This means that on all handles on doors REI 30 'and 60' on the market, having the certification EN 1634/1, can be replaced with any of Olivari door-handle. 

Download certification from here: Attestation of Fire resistance EN 1534-2 Ed, 2008


Please see also the video about Olivari's production. 

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